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K9 Bed Bug Detection

Are K9 Bed Bug Detection Services worth it?

98% Accuracy rate!

Bed Bug Pros of West Palm can send a trained K9 bed bug inspector to inspect your home. Our company offers the most accurate scent detecting technology in Florida for locating bed bugs, a dog’s nose. The dogs have extensive training and are certified. They are able to find bed bugs with 98% accuracy (versus about 30-40% for a human only inspection).

Dogs trained to detect bed bug perform a scent detection inspection much faster than a human without damage to furnishings and without disruptions. There scent is hundreds of times more acute than that of humans. Since detection can sometimes be tricky for humans, these dogs are a great resource in finding out if you have bed bugs quickly. A trained K9 bed bug dog can actually smell live bugs and their eggs. Our dogs training includes the detection of even just one live bed bug!

They can detect a scent through a mattress, inside furniture, walls and more. In addition, they can search an entire room in 2 to 3 minutes.  With over a 98% accuracy rate, this is a great option for finding these sneaky bugs. One certified K-9 bed bug inspection service can put your mind at ease and certify a bed bug free home, hotel, motel, dormitory, nursing home, business & more. In the contrary, it can pinpoint the area needing treatment thereby possibly eliminating the need to treat the entire premises.

During the K9 bed bug inspection, the dog “alerts” on a particular area indicating a possible bed bug. We will then verify the presence of eggs or live bed bugs.

If we discover the presence of bed bugs, we will offer an assessment as to which treatment option is best for you, either Bed Bug Heat Treatment or Bed Bug Chemical Treatment.

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