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Commercial Bed Bug Services

Commercial Bed Bug Services Made Easy!

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No one wants to discover Bed Bugs at their business, but if you do, rest assured we are the “Pros” and killing Bed Bugs is all we do.  We will work with you to organize a facility friendly treatment plan to rid all affected areas of activity while working around the needs of the day to day business.  In addition, we can also help you put in place protocols to help ensure these visitors never return.

Bed Bug Pros of Florida has established a proven track record of dealing with and eliminating Bed Bugs in facilities large and small including but not limited to,

Call Centers

Hotels & Motels

Assisted Living Facilities

Apartment Complexes

Rehabilitation Centers

State Run Agencies

Professional Offices

Our Commercial Bed Bug Services are discreet, affordable and most importantly, effective. We will have your business running in no time. 

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