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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Why is Bed Bug Heat Treatment an effective option?

Best choice of all treatment options

Bed Bug Heat Treatment option is one of the most effective solutions. However, before any treatment is applied, Bed Bug Pros of West Palm will thoroughly inspect your home and offer treatment suggestions based on your needs.

ONLY heat treatment eliminates bed bugs at every stage of development, including eggs. As thermal heat is applied,  bed bugs are attracted to the heat source and emerge from hiding. As room temperatures elevate quickly, bed bugs have no time to escape and die on contact as temperatures hit 130 degrees.

Additionally, heat treatment penetrates virtually every household item: clothing fabrics, upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, bedding, electronics, window treatments, and much more. Using thermal heat can actually save you money as a result of not having to throw out anything! Bed bugs also hide in small cracks and protected areas that may be more difficult to treat with chemicals. Therefore, heat treatment is the most effective solution because it finds and kills bed bugs at every stage of development.

Even more, our heat treatment is organic and it eliminates your bed bug problem in ONE appointment as opposed to weeks of continuous service.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is a great solution for those with chemical sensitivities, concerns and time constraints. Finally, our equipment is especially safe for those with health disorders such as breathing problems and allergies. Don’t waste time any longer, request your free quote today!

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